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Alpine Mathematics is a non-profit dedicated to advancing the accessibility and appreciation of mathematics and its history.

  • Accessibility: What does it mean to be able to “access” mathematics and its history? It means being able to read a proof, understand it, and know where it came from.

  • Appreciation: People who don’t paint or write songs still enjoy paintings and music. Even if you aren’t advancing mathematics, you should know that you can understand and enjoy the work of mathematicians.

Mathematical proofs are a kind of “hidden art form.” It seems most of our society does not know what they are, or perhaps even that they exist. In a series of blog posts, we talk about why this is so, and whether there might be new ways of presenting mathematics that could improve the situation.

What we’re doing#

Our main activity is operating an online instance of PISE (the Proofscape Integrated Study Enivronment), which we call PISE Online.

We have an open “hosting request” process, whereby anyone can request that their own Proofscape content repos be hosted in PISE Online.

Currently, we are hosting the content repos published by the Toeplitz Project.