PISE Online#


Running PISE on your own computer is a great way to develop content, but how can you share your content with the world?

For that we need an instance of PISE running online. Therefore, we’re hosting “PISE Online” at https://pise.alpinemath.org

We believe that maintaining a site where the PISE software can be accessed online should have great value to the mathematical community, since this means that any content indexed there can be easily shared. Instead of having to tell someone to download and run PISE on their own computer, you can simply email them a link. Such links are capable not only of loading the PISE web app, but of causing it to load with a desired selection of content, and even a precise view of that content. In this way it can greatly facilitate the discussion of proofs. This means new ways of helping one another study and understand mathematics.

How to contribute#

There are many ways to contribute to PISE Online:

  1. Help Build the Historical Archive: As discussed here, the gh.alpinemath.histarch repo is meant to be the primary source where we can find all historical mathematics. This is a huge project, which can only succeed with contributions from many. You can help by opening a pull request. See the repo’s README to learn more.

  2. Provide Enrichments: The Proofscape language supports many ways of providing enrichments on proofs, from annotations, to expansions, to example explorers, to cross references. You can read more about the different types of enrichments, and how to contribute them to PISE Online, here.

  3. Whole Projects: We’d like to see PISE Online grow into an ecosystem of remixable educational modules. You can build your own Proofscape repo – which could represent materials for a one-semester course, or a whole textbook, or a new way of presenting mathematical research – and then ask us to host it. You can learn more here.


For more in-depth discussion of the services we offer through PISE Online, and for the formal agreements you accept by using the site, please see our legal docs: