PISE Online#


Running PISE on your own computer is a great way to develop Proofscape modules, but how can you share your modules with the world? For that we need an instance of PISE running online. Therefore, we’re hosting “PISE Online” at https://pise.alpinemath.org

Maintaining a site where the PISE software can be accessed online should be valuable to the mathematical community, since this means that any content indexed there can be easily shared. Instead of having to tell someone to download and run PISE on their own computer, you can simply email them a link.

Such links are capable not only of loading the PISE web app, but of causing it to load with a desired selection of content, and even a precise view of that content. In this way it can facilitate the discussion of proofs, providing new ways of communicating mathematics.

Getting started#

If you’re new to PISE, we recommend starting with the tutorial.

How to contribute#

There are two basic ways to contribute to PISE Online:

  • Find an existing project that is already hosted here, and contribute to that (through its GitHub page, or however it is managed); or

  • Request hosting for a new project.

Hosting for new projects can be requested by logging in, and using the “Request Hosting” dialog under the User menu. You can also get in touch at info@alpinemath.org.

As a prerequisite, any project hosted here must be licensed under MPL-2.0. See our MPL FAQ.

Beyond that, not much is required. Any serious discussion of mathematical proofs is appropriate. You don’t have to be making ground-breaking discoveries. You don’t have to be an expert. Students are welcome to write about things they are learning. Experts are of course welcome as well.


For more in-depth discussion of the services we offer through PISE Online, and for the formal agreements you accept by using the site, please see our legal docs: