All Alpine Mathematics software is open source. We use a variety of open source licenses.

Most of our original software projects are under Apache 2.0#

Current projects licensed under Apache 2.0:

Proofscape content repos are under MPL-2.0#

Proofscape content repos are a special case. We believe it’s important that these be offered with “share-alike” provisions, and that their compiled form not be distributed without also making their source form available.

We have written a whole FAQ on why we have chosen the Mozilla Public License v. 2.0 for this purpose, and on how you can (and, we think, should) apply it to your own Proofscape content repos. Note that all repos hosted at PISE Online must be licensed under MPL-2.0.

Currently we are organizing the following Proofscape content repos as community efforts, to which all are invited to contribute:

Forks follow suit#

Occasionally we need to extend or customize the functionality of an existing project to suit our needs. In such cases we usually fork an existing repo, and keep the same license.

Current forked projects:

Our fork

Forked from