How to Contribute#

Alpine Mathematics organizes a number of different open-source projects, all of which are managed as code repositories on GitHub.

At the basic level, there are two sides to our projects: system, and content.

  • System projects consist of the source code that defines PISE, the Proofscape Integrated Study Environment (PISE), its various components, and related software.

  • Content projects – a.k.a. Proofcsape repos – are collections of Proofscape modules in which content like proof diagrams, annotations, and example explorers, are defined. In other words, these are the materials you study in PISE.

You can find a list of all our projects, with links to their GitHub pages, on our Licensing page.

System Contributions#

To contribute to any of the system projects, simply visit the project’s home page at GitHub, and follow the instructions you find there.

System contributions range from bug-fixes to enhancements. You can tackle an existing issue, or open a new one.

Content Contributions#

Content contributions come in two flavors: organized and independent, meaning roughly, does the repo belong to us, or to you?

Organized Content Contributions#

There are many ways to contribute to the Alpine Mathematics content repos:

  • Represent an existing proof:

    If you’re studying the mathematical literature, you can help build The Historical Proofs Archive by representing a proof from the past in the Proofscape language.

  • Write an expansion:

    Maybe you were studying a proof in histarch, you got stuck on a difficult step, and eventually you figured out how to fill in a few additional steps and make the inference clear.

    You should record your work in the form of an expansion in gh.alpinemath.ex. Then your work will be available for the next person who gets stuck on the same step!

  • Make a comparison:

    Have you ever been reading a proof, and one step reminded you of a step from another proof, that used the same idea? This is a valuable observation, helping to form a foundation for an art history of proofs.

    You should record your observation by adding a cf reference in gh.alpinemath.histarch!

  • Write an example explorer:

    Maybe you found a step in histarch which you felt could be more easily understood if only it were possible to rapidly produce an assortment of different examples of the objects that were involved at that step.

    In this case, you should build an example explorer and contribute it to gh.alpinemath.ex!

  • Write an English translation:

    Much of historical mathematics was published in languages like French, German, Latin, or Russian.

    You can help make these materials more accessible by contributing an English translation in gh.alpinemath.en.

Independent Content Contributions#

PISE Online is not meant to host only the content repos organized by Alpine Mathematics. Your own content repo can be hosted there too. If you’re afraid to give this a try, take a look at this blog post.

If you do have work you’d like us to consider including in PISE Online, just log in, and use the “Request Hosting” dialog under the User menu. If you’d like to get in touch with us first, you can reach us at