You can probably be hosted at PISE Online#

Author: Steve Kieffer

If you’re interested enough in proofs to be reading this blog post, and even to be considering writing your own Proofscape repo, there is a very good chance your work would be welcome at PISE Online.

You don’t have to be making ground-breaking discoveries. You don’t have to be an expert. Maybe you’re a student, and you just want to write about the things you’re learning. Maybe you know that explaining something to others is a great way to solidify your own understanding. Or maybe you really are an expert on something, and you want to teach what you know.

In all of these cases, your thoughts about proofs would be a welcome addition to PISE Online. When you log in to PISE Online, you’ll find a “Request Hosting” option under the user menu. All you have to do is follow the steps there to let us know about your work. If you’d like to get in touch first, you can contact us at

To review:

  • You don’t have to be an expert on what you’re writing about.

  • You don’t have to write brilliant things.

  • You just have to want to talk about mathematics.

In order to set an example of all this, Alpine is hosting my gh.skieffer.ahop repo at PISE Online. Originally, “AHOP” was meant to stand for “Art History of Proofs,” but I soon decided that was too ambitious for me, so now it stands for “Arithmetical House of Pancakes.” It’s essentially me rambling about proofs, and, believe me, I don’t always think what I wrote was so brilliant the next time I read it. Of course, like any good software package, a Proofscape repo has a version number, which means you can always revise what you wrote and publish an updated version! The point is: I enjoy writing about math once in a while, and that’s all we’re looking for at PISE Online. So let me again encourage you to give it a try!

Also don’t forget that, if you’re not ready to start a whole project of your own, there are many other ways to contribute to existing projects.